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2 Day Outdoor First Aid Courses in Swindon

The 2 Day Outdoor First Aid course is the UK’s standard first aid qualification for outdoor workers. It is also open to anyone who wants to improve their abilities in outdoor and wilderness first aid.

This course is suitable for instructors and teachers who work in remote or outdoor locations. The 2 Day Outdoor First Aid course is recognised by all outdoor governing bodies, e.g. M.L.T.U.K, R.Y.A, B.U, B.A.S.I. and surpasses the standards of a 16 hour course syllabus.

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What This Course Covers

If you work or spend time in the outdoors, having a good understanding of first aid is essential. Being able to treat an injury or prolong life can become vital when help is further away. 

We have spent years refining our outdoor courses and have built a fantastic reputation for delivering highly relevant and engaging training. Our Outdoor first aid courses in Swindon have been developed by our head instructors who have backgrounds in international mountaineering and tactical conflict medicine. This course is very practical and we use scenario training to reinforce learning which builds real confidence and empowers candidates to act when emergencies arise.

Difficult and stressful situations can become even more dangerous when you are in harsh environments or unpredictable weather. Having the appropriate skill set can save your life and the lives of others around you.

This 2-day course is an advanced first aid course aimed at individuals either working as instructors or teachers in outdoors, remote or foreign environments or for individuals that work or spend time in remote locations looking to really further their understanding of first aid. This course exceeds the recommendations of the HSE 2 Day Outdoor First Aid course syllabus and is valid for a period of 3 years.

This qualification exceeds the syllabus requirements of the national standard 16 hour outdoor course and is recognised by all main outdoor governing bodies for instructors. If you have any questions regarding the relevant qualification for your area of work, please either speak with your governing body or give us a call today.

All of our instructors are highly trained and experienced with real life emergencies and they bring this knowledge to their courses.

If this course interests you but you feel maybe too in-depth for your requirements then we suggest you consider our Emergency outdoor first aid course.

Any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch – 01793 380 888

Course Contents
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Course Prices

Bookings up to 5 individuals
£145 + VAT per person
Groups of 6 – 9 
£850 + VAT per group
Groups of 10 – 12
£930 + VAT per group


Your ‘2 Day Outdoor First Aid’ qualification will be valid for 3 years from the date that you finish your training. Should you wish to renew your certificate you will need to attend another 16 hour, 2 Day Outdoor First Aid course.

If you require additional FAA & Ofqual external accreditation, we can provide this on any private group course.
As FAA accreditation is processed externally, there is an additional £15 surcharge for each attendee you wish to regulate.

First Aid Training Courses For Groups

Training 2 Or More People? If so then have you considered a private group?

Private group training is available for any of our first aid courses, with great discounts on group bookings.

We can host courses at our training centre in the heart of Swindon, or we can come to you. Why not let us make your life easier by delivering the training at your own venue, at no extra cost? We bring all of our own equipment, and will simply need some parking to be available for your instructor.

Please call us on 01793 380 888 for more information.
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