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Our Journey

All About Us

We are First Aid Swindon, a family-run business that values our community. We have developed a fresh and innovative way of first aid training, to make it more than just an obligation. Our courses equip you with vital, life-saving skills, and you leave with a smile on your face! Scroll down to find out more about who we are and how we got here.

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Nationally Recognised Qualifications

We offer a wide variety of qualifications that are nationally recognised and follow strict HSE guidelines. We are known across the country for providing courses that are practical and engaging.Participants will be awarded nationally recognised first aid qualifications.

FAA / Ofqual

All of our courses have the option of FAA / Ofqual regulation. We can guide you to the best choice for you, depending on your circumstances. Just reach out to us online, or phone us.

Our History

How We Started

Indie Lyndale is the founder of First Aid Swindon, a family run business that has been teaching first aid for over 15 years.
Indie has over 30 years of experience in leading outdoor expeditions, as well as being a qualified teacher and lecturer. She was frustrated by the dull and ineffective training courses she had to endure, and decided to make a change.

She knows that saving lives is serious business, and that good training can make a huge difference in an emergency. That's why she has created a range of interactive and enjoyable teaching methods, which foster long-term learning.

An Different Approach

Engaging First Aid

We offer a fresh and innovative approach to first aid training. Our courses are interactive and fun, and use real-life scenarios as learning tools.
You will learn the theory behind the skills, and also get to try them out in a safe and supportive learning environment.

A growing family...

The team

We have grown over the last 15 years into a group of highly experienced professionals who all provide a new perspective on first aid training.

Indie Lyndale

Head Instructor

Indie has over 30 years' of experience as a mountaineer and has provided first aid in some of the toughest situations imaginable. She uses this unique experience to inform her teaching practice, making sure that our training standards are unbeatable.

Oliver Lyndale


Oli is our CEO and a vital part of the First Aid Swindon family. He has a lot of experience in business development and logistics, which has helped us to grow into one of the UK's top first aid training providers.

Claire Lyndale


Claire is our CFO and she makes sure that the First Aid Swindon finances run like clockwork. She has a key role in maintaining our competitive prices, and looking after our team so they can provide excellent first aid training at all times.


Bookings Manager

Helen is our head bookings manager. She keeps the world turning for us every day of the week. Apart from weekends. She rests then 🙂

Andrea - First Aid Instructor

First Aid Instructor

Andrea is a skilled instructor with a lot of experience in working and teaching outdoors. She uses her valuable experience to enrich every course she delivers.

First Aid Instructor Josh

First Aid Instructor

Joshua is an excellent teacher and first aid instructor. He brings a lot of enthusiasm and expertise to every class he teaches. You can expect to have a great learning experience on any of his courses.


First Aid Instructor

Georgina is one of the latest additions to the First Aid Swindon team and we are very fortunate to have her. She is not only an excellent quality first aid trainer, but also a working ambulance paramedic. She uses these essential skills and experience in her role as an instructor, every day.


First Aid Instructor

Richard is a pillar of First Aid Swindon, and instructs many of our courses. He has a lot of knowledge about first aid, and provides a practical and engaging training experience every time.


First Aid Instructor

Trevor is great at keeping you calm under pressure. His collected and calm manner is crucial for delivering effective first aid, and makes a supportive learning environment for his students. He is a wonderful asset to our First Aid Swindon family and his feedback shows this.


First Aid Instructor

Luis is a fun and dynamic instructor who has many years of first aid experience. He has a diverse background in professional sports and teaching children, which gives him a wide range of skills to base his experience from.


First Aid Instructor

Lukaz has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for teaching first aid, and he makes it contagious. He makes the practical sessions fun and playful. He has a lot of experience in festival logistics and front of house, which makes him a very valuable member of the First Aid Swindon team.

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